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Mareas was established as a specialized service provider to meet the needs of individuals, children and families experiencing challenges in the areas of attachment, behaviour and emotional regulations as well as a variety of mental health diagnosis.


Mareas recognizes that from time to time, everyone including all  families need support. Programs and treatment plans are designed with a holistic approach with the client as the focus. Mareas is committed to providing nurturing and dedicated support to individuals, children, youth and families during difficult periods of time to help them get back on course.

​As an extension to services for children of high conflict environments, Mareas has expanded its services to specialize in meeting the needs of clients who suffered multiple attachment disruptions, loss and early trauma. Mareas not only services, children & teenagers with evidence-based modalities, but also adults who have experienced trauma, loss, anxiety or have other mental health diagnosis.


The Mareas treatment team will:

  • Provide a therapeutic environment that promotes principles of self-help, healing, and resolution 

  • Use evidence-based interventions to inform treatment in order to maximize the best possible clinical outcomes, while honouring cultural and spiritual needs of every individual and family.

  • Ensure that clients remain our primary focus and treatment will be modified to reflect the unique needs of the individual or family

  • Work to build client self-esteem and incorporate opportunities for success throughout treatment

  • Encourage clients to be partners in their treatment decisions

  • Respect our staff and interns as valued resources and team members, promoting respect for diversity, honesty and integrity

  • Maintain the highest standards of holistic treatment using a multifaceted team approach

  • Foster professional accountability at all levels and adhere to high standards of fiscal and ethical responsibility

  • Practice shared decision-making and teamwork

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