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At Mareas, our team understands the pressures you and your family face each day- juggling work, school and extra curricular activities. For some individuals the thought of therapy and counselling can provoke anxiety.  So let us come to you!


In certain circumstances meeting with you or your family in your own home environment can alleviate some  of the stress and anxiety associated with receiving services.  (This can be determined together with the therapist at initial intake)

Services currently available in home:

  • Individual Therapy / Counselling

  • ABA Therapeutic Interventions & Consultations

  • Supervised Access

  • Trauma Assessments

  • Marschak Interaction Method

  • Theraplay

  • Adoption Support Services

  • Behaviour Management Consultations

  • Respite Services

  • CYC (1:1) Child & Youth Counsellors

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