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In 2015, after decades of working with children in care and youth at risk, the management team at Mareas decided to expand services to include Therapeutic Foster Care.  After extensive planning and development the program was created with an emphasis on FAMILY and SUPPORT by wrapping all services and the support of our clinical team around  every child or youth who comes into Mareas’ care.

In 2016, Mareas was successful in obtaining our foster care license through the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, to operate an Outside Paid Resource (OPR) foster care program for children and youth between the ages of 0-18 years. 

For more information on how you can become a part of the Mareas team as a Full or Part time foster parent please click below.

"Don't let the FEAR of Loving a child who might leave deter you....

              Let the Fear of a child not knowing love DRIVE you!"

Mareas therapeutic foster care program and team recognize and honour the importance of maintaining biological connections and identity as well as cultural and spiritual belonging.

Supporting these pieces, in addition to being placed in a skilled and nurturing home, supported by the best clinical team, every child that comes into Mareas care will be supported to achieve their own personal success for the duration of their journey in our care.


 Our program is designed to provide the highest quality of care and level of support to the children and youth we are honoured and privileged to care for.  


  • All foster families are required to complete an extensive SAFE Home Study.

  • Mareas searches for families that are  LGBTQ+, traditional, single, multi-cultural and of various religious denominations

  • Foster Families with Mareas are individually selected based on their experience, skills and abilities to support and respect Mareas core values.

  • All families will receive extensive and ongoing training from the clinical team and outsourced training partners as required

  • Families are considered a part of the clinical team, and will have full access to the team for ongoing support

  • Families are provided a generous honorarium to help with the care and support of every child in the home

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