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In order to stregthen the secure attachment of newly adopted children and youth into loving families and to help children recover from earlier experiences, Mareas offers a holistic treatment package, specially designed for each family that will:

  • Promote attachment-focused relationships

  • Help parents understand their child in the context of their child's prior history

  • Help parents to interpret their child's behaviour in a developmentally sensitive way

  • Help parents to understand why therapeutic re-parenting is required

Why do Adpotive Children Need Help?

The loss of attachment figures or trauma may alter a child's brain development and affect the way a child processes and copes with the information and stress. Therefore, Mareas believes that treatment must begin with regulating a child's primitive brain response to stress. Mareas' individualized treatment plans address many key potential concerns.

       Treatment Overview:

  • Treatment begins with a detailed psycho-social-developmental history of the child.

  • Parents provide assessments, school reports, & complete specific assessment measurement questions about their child

  • The Marschak Interaction Method (MIM) is used to develop family-specific goals and objectives for treament

  • A neurosequential development-informed combination of interventions is used to treat the child & family through a prodominantly parent-led program which would included Theraplay

  • Treatment is completed with the MIM to re-evaluate the goals and to make final recommendations

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