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The term Mareas, is derived from the Latin term for Tides/Waves. Having a deep affinity for the ocean, and the life sustaining, healing and playful properties of the ocean both physically and mentally, the name seemed a natural fit for the work we do. Families are fluid and forever changing and we often ride the emotional waves of each of the stages.

At Mareas we practice flexible and fluid thinking, backed by current knowledge and trends in the field of mental health for individuals, children, youth and families. Our Team will go to any length to reach children and families wherever they may be emotionally. We are client-focused, and work at the pace of the child/youth or adult using a holistic treatment model, and evidence-based practices to assist our clients to find healing, meaning and resolution in their lives. 

Services are provided under clinical consultation and supervision and many of our clinical services are covered by extended health benefits or workplace insurance.


  • Treatment will be modified to reflect the individual needs of each client and family

  • Every effort will be made to build self-esteem and incorporate opportunities for success throughout treatment

  • Clients will be partners in their treatment and include shared decision making with the entire treatment team

  • Evidence-based interventions will inform treatment in order to maximize the best possible clinical outcomes

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